Because in international travel the animal must definitely be chipped.

Behavior after three hours

Missing dog: Animals that run away out of fear usually go to places where there are hardly any people. (Source: Frank Sorge / imago images)

If the dog is still not there after about three hours, it is best to report your animal to the police or call animal shelters, animal clinics and veterinarians in the vicinity. If the four-legged friend carries a chip and has been registered beforehand, there is a high probability that you and your dog will get back together.

It also helps to address residents and passers-by. As a next step, you can hang up search posters with a current picture and a description of the animal with data such as breed, age and place of loss as well as your own contact details.

Checklist: Dog lost – you should do this now – Wait several hours at the place of disappearance – Get help: Ask friends to help with the search – After three hours: Report the animal to the police and animal shelter – Talk to residents and passers-by and hang up search posters – Register your animal on the website of the German Animal Welfare Association.

Take precautions in case of emergency

Dog with a microchip: A reader can be used to retrieve information that is stored on the animal’s microchip. (Source: Robert Günther / dpa-tmn)

You can’t always prevent a pet from running away – but you can take precautions in case of an emergency. For example, you can have your dog implanted with a microchip. Because in international travel, the animal must definitely be chipped. Some federal states now also prescribe the measure – not least to be able to assign aggressive or poaching dogs to their owners.

Usually the chip is already implanted in puppies for basic immunization, but at the latest for rabies vaccination. The procedure is painless for the animals. The transponder is the size of a grain of rice and is injected under the skin on the left side of the neck. That’s just a short spade. If an animal is found, the police or veterinarians can assign its chip to the owner with the help of a special reader. However, you should not only identify your animal with a transponder, but also register it afterwards.

Animal found or lost: website for owners

Dog run away: Especially young pets that are not yet used to their surroundings or have not yet been trained run the risk of moving away from their home and not finding their way back. (Source: Insa Kohler / dpa)

Anyone looking for or found a pet can also report it on the website of the German Animal Welfare Association. The website replaces the previous pet register, as announced by the association. Animal owners can search online for missing animals in their own area, create a search poster and publish a search message on the homepage.

Correct behavior: Cat ran into – this is not how you make yourself liable to prosecution Important document: dog driving license – for whom is it compulsory? Does he want to play or does he attack ?: This is how you interpret the body language of dogs

Owners also have the option of registering their chipped or tattooed animal free of charge on the site. This increases the chances of returning animals that have run away to a keeper. When searching for missing animals, the site accesses all animal welfare associations and animal shelters that are affiliated with the German Animal Welfare Association.

In addition to Findefix, Tasso is also available for the same purpose. This organization also operates a nationwide pet register. As a rule, however, it is sufficient to only store the data for dogs or cats with one provider. 

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The wildlife is also prepared for frosty winters. But: the smaller the animal, the more difficult it is for it to store heat. These wild animals are considered particularly endangered – and these are not.

Fox, raccoon and co .: Wild animals in Germany
Photo series with 11 pictures

Bad news for European hamsters, good news for bees: According to information from conservationists, the current freezing cold has very different effects on the animal world. "For insects, a warm winter would tend to be the bigger disaster" says the head of nature conservation policy at the Federation for the Environment and Nature Conservation (Bund), Magnus Wessel.

"In warm winters, the parasites and fungi that infest the hibernating animals just keep going." This does not apply in cold winters. And in case of doubt, fertilized wasp or queen bees would sit in a sheltered place and withstand the cold well.

European hamster and kingfisher endangered

It is different with mosquitoes, as Sebastian Kolberg from the Naturschutzbund (Nabu) says. "If the water in which the larvae are lying freezes over, in case of doubt they will not make it out." But that depends on how long the cold lasts. Kolberg has no good news for forest owners: The bark beetle, for example, is very resistant and simply remains frozen. "No matter how strong the winter is."

And the rest of the wildlife? "The smaller the animal, the more difficult it is for it to store heat" said Wessel. Small mammal species, for example, are prepared for harsh winters and could also put up with larger losses evolutionarily. But in the case of threatened species such as the European hamster or the kingfisher, a large number of cold deaths could well become a problem.

Special talent: this is how birds survive frosty winter phases These are the top ten: Vote for the bird of the year 2021 Birds, squirrels, hedgehogs: this is how you help animals in the garden hibernate

What helps the animals against the cold

Deer, on the other hand, are likely to have fewer problems with the population, explained Wessel. One of the reasons for this is that they adapt their intestinal structure to the season and can also consume food that is more difficult to digest, as Kolberg said. In general, the animal world is prepared for cold winters. Some put on more fat, went hibernating or put on winter fur. But it is important that there are enough retreats.

Sources used: dpa news agency

Anti-aging made easy: With just a few tricks you can prevent new skin folds from forming. With our professional tips, you can hide existing wrinkles and generally rejuvenate your complexion.

Daily CareTrends Against Skin AgingSimple Tricks And Home Remedies For Anti-AgingNutrition And Fitness Are Important The Best Anti-Aging Tips

Young and firm, no matter what age – only models correspond to this skin ideal. Nevertheless, you can counteract the natural aging process of the skin with a few simple tricks lonely russian women

Beautifying the complexion: daily care

Antiaging products can be started at any age. Even 20 year olds can use appropriate anti-wrinkle creams for their daily skin care. Appropriate measures that slow down the aging process of the skin should also be established in your everyday life at a young age.

How to properly care for your skin
Photo series with 6 pictures

It starts with going to bed: Make sure you get enough sleep so that the body and therefore the skin can regenerate overnight. Before doing this, you can apply a care product with an anti-aging effect – it works particularly well overnight.

Applying lotion properly – Wash your hands thoroughly before applying lotion. – Put the desired amount of the skin care product in your hands. – Warm the product a little by rubbing it gently between your fingers. – Apply the cream to the cleansed face. – Spread the product with gentle, circular movements on the skin.– Start at the chin and then continue to the cheeks, nose and forehead.– At the end, gently spread product residues onto your face with your palms. Always paint from the inside out.

There is still a lot you can do for your skin after getting up: For a short, quick effect, it helps to wash the skin of your face with cold water. Exfoliating masks are also helpful when it comes to stopping the aging of the skin and making it look radiant and young again. Another trick from the stars’ bag of tricks helps to hide wrinkles: Use concealer with tiny gold particles. They reflect the light and thus make wrinkles practically invisible.

Trends against skin aging

Anti-wrinkle creams that are equipped with a sun protection factor have long been on the market. This addition to day creams makes sense. This is how you prevent the sun’s UV rays and prevent premature aging of the skin. You also reduce the risk of diseases such as skin cancer.

So-called anti-aging ampoules, which are applied directly to the skin, are also trendy. They should fill wrinkles that have already arisen and additionally smooth the complexion. According to well-known lifestyle magazines, the small glass ampoules are particularly effective due to the high concentration of active ingredients – even if the effect usually only sets in for a short time. However, the effect has not been scientifically proven. It is important that the substances penetrate deep into the skin in order to really be effective. 

Dermapeelings or fruit acid peelings are currently very popular. These work, but should only be used by an expert. Otherwise the skin could become inflamed and the complexion made worse.

Caution: Neither creams or peelings nor modern devices can iron wrinkles out of the skin. You can only slow down the formation of wrinkles with certain measures that are gentle on the skin.  

Simple Tricks and Home Remedies for Antiaging

But it doesn’t always have to be expensive creams and bottles. Many simple home remedies also help against aging of the skin. For example, many stars swear by the insider tip coconut milk – not as a drink, but as a face mask: Apply the milk to your face and let it work for 20 minutes. Finally, simply clean with warm water. Fresh coconut milk in particular is said to be a miracle weapon against wrinkles.

A simple trick with high efficiency should also be the following: Mix half a crushed magnesium tablet with crème fraîche and apply the mixture to the skin. Make sure to leave out the area around the eyes. After ten minutes, clean with lukewarm water. The result is amazing – and is also easy on the wallet.

Anti-aging: Diet and fitness are also important

Regular skin care can slow down the aging process of your skin and ensure fresher complexion. Still, a healthy lifestyle is just as important in keeping the body young and glowing. You should avoid harmful vices such as sugar, cigarettes and alcohol as much as possible in order to prevent skin diseases. You should also eat healthily – especially fish, nuts, healthy oils and of course fruits and vegetables help to fight wrinkles. You can find more tips on healthy eating here.

Exercise is also one of the long-term wrinkle killers. Above all, however, it ensures that the mind and body remain fit even in old age. We recommend around four hours of exercise a week to effectively improve your fitness. So get on your bike often, go for a walk or go for a jog – your body will thank you for it. Far Eastern training methods such as Pilates are of course particularly effective against aging. Regular sauna sessions can also slow down the aging process. Also, avoid stress and bad lifestyle habits.